Claiborne's Hall of Fame

Outstanding Horses Associated With Claiborne Farm


1946 – 1975


1963 – 1988

*Le Fabuleux

1961 – 1985


1940 – 1959


1940 – 1964


1994 – 2016


2006 – Present

Blenheim II

1927 – 1958

Doing the Usual Unusually Well

100-Years of Claiborne Farm

From Virginia to the Bluegrass, 1910-1947


World-renowned Kentucky Thoroughbred farm, Claiborne, has origins in Virginia. There, Civil War veteran Capt. Richard Hancock raised Thoroughbreds on his wife’s family’s Ellerslie Farm. The move to Kentucky came with the next generation when Capt. Hancock’s son Arthur B. Hancock


New Leadership, Continuing Success, 1947-1972

Arthur B. (Bull) Hancock Jr. was discharged from the Army in when his father’s health required help in running the farm. By 1949, he was in charge. Like his father, Bull Hancock had grown up with the thought that his life’s work would be in the horse business. He had prepared via summers working in


Another Generation Takes the Helm, 1972-2015

The longest period of leadership in Claiborne Farm’s history is that of Seth Hancock. Seth was 23 when Bull Hancock died, and although the father’s will pointed toward joint leadership with outsider supervision, matters soon worked their way out for Seth to be in charge. Seth had attended University