Claiborne Farm Employee Wins a TIEA

Posted On October 7, 2016

At Claiborne, we pride ourselves on having wonderfully skilled, life-long employees, and James Sebastian is the classic example. Today he was awarded the Godolphin Thoroughbred Industry Employee Award for Dedication to Breeding! Read more to learn about James and his 50 years at Claiborne Farm.

  • James is currently a part of our broodmare division. He serves as one of two people on the nightlyfoaling team where he puts in twelve hour shifts from January through June. For the remainder of the year, he works during the days and tends to the mares and foals.
  • We estimate that he has delivered 10,000 foals in his lifetime, including 100+ Grade 1 winners! Some names of Champions that would top his list would be Blame, Lure, Storm Flag Flying, My Flag, Personal Ensign, and Orb just to name a few. If you were to ask James for a favorite memory at Claiborne, he would probably say foaling and raising Forty Niner.
  • James has acquired a very watchful and observant eye for specific mare and foal behaviors. In fact, he knows nearly as much as a veterinarian. It seems he has a “sixth sense” for knowing when mares are getting close to foaling and can often predict the schedule for the days to come. Not only does he forecast the good news, but he can also tell when there is trouble. If James calls our vet or farm manager during the night, they might as well bring the van because it is a bad situation needing immediate medical attention.

Once again, congratulations James!